Round Robin Master





When Toast Master (TM) introduces you, come forward and shake hand with TM and explain the audience the purpose of Round Robin Session as an experienced RR Master.

Purpose of Round Robin Session

Mr. Toastmaster Ladies and gentlemen let me explain the ground rules of Round Robin session. This is a warm up session.Round Robin Session has been developed by the Toastmasters in Sri Lanka.Aim of this session is to improve the Speaking Skill and Listening Skill of members.

Time given for each member is 20 seconds. At 20 seconds Timer will ring the bell. Speaker should not stop with the bell. He has to complete the sentence and sit down. The next speaker will have to start with the word uttered by the previous Speaker at the time of bell rang. Not with the last word uttered by him.

Usual practice is, RR Master requests members to count from number 1 starting from one end according to the seating arrangement and RR Master call out numbers in random. First you can start telling a story and ask others to continue. Give a topic and you start speaking on that topic and ask others to continue.

Prior to leaving hand over the control back to TM saying “Over to you Toastmaster” and shake hands.


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